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Australian Chocolate Diamonds Story

Beauty Rich & Rare…

Fall in love with the timeless treasure of an Australian Chocolate Diamond!

Sourced from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, renowned for producing elegant champagne and signature pink diamonds, Australian Chocolate Diamonds are specifically cut to enhance their distinctive natural colour and unique characteristics. Our team of precision diamond cutters capture and bring to life the true brilliance and natural beauty of each Australian Chocolate Diamond.

Each diamond comes with its very own ‘My Diamond Story’ birth certificate, recording each step of its journey from discovery to you and acts as your guarantee that the gem you are investing in is an authentic, home grown Australian Argyle Diamond, mined from the red earth of the Australian Kimberley Region Western Australia.

With the added assurance of being both ethically and sustainably mined and free from human rights abuses; ACDiamonds fully comply and go beyond the requirements of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

With the Argyle Diamond Mine scheduled to close in 2020, these beautiful stones will not be available for ever!

Now is the time to indulge in your very own Australian Chocolate Diamond.

All the chocolate you want without the calories!